Introduction to the Car & Trailer B+E Test

B+E is the Driving Standards Agency practical driving test for a car and trailer. No medical examination or additional theory test is required. The test is regarded by the DSA as the first step to driving Large Goods Vehicles and is examined accordingly.

GML Driver Training offer a variety of B+E training courses that are shaped to the requirements of both individuals and businesses alike. With years of experience in safe driving techniques in towing, loading and consideration to other road users, GML Driver Training can provide you with the necessary skills to keep you and your vehicle safe. Alongside our training we can provide you with useful advice, tips and the confidence you need to drive with a trailer.

The duration of the test is about an hour and a half. This driving test takes the candidate through a number of different exercises including a reversing exercise, coupling, uncoupling and various trailer checks. In addition to the trailer manoeuvring exercises the candidate must show the examiner skill and competency on the highway including junctions, roundabouts, lane control, mirror routines, hill starts, angled starts etc.

During the test you will be asked a number of pre-set questions called ‘show me, tell me’ which must be answered either verbally or practically demonstrated.

Successfully passing this test allows a driver to tow a trailer up to a gross weight (trailer including load) of 3500kg.(3.5 tons). This means a vehicle and trailer with a gross train weight of 7,000kg.(7 tons)

Do you need to take a B+E towing test?

If you have passed your driving test before January 1997, then it may be possible you do not need a B+E license as long as you are not towing a combined gross weight of more than 7.000kg (7 tons). However, if you want to tow a combined gross weight of more than 3.500kg (3.5 tons), and you have taken your driver test after 1 January 1997, than you may need to have a B+E license.

The main objective of this practical driving course is to train the delegate to attain the standard and pass additional trailer category B+E and trailer DVSA driving test. All delegates will receive individual tuition in all the exercises and disciplines required to complete the test successfully.

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