Category C1+E

Category C1+E 
Small rigid vehicle towing a trailer 
Trailer weighing more than 750kgs 
Training Courses

Once you pass your C1+E test, you will also be able to drive any vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes with a trailer over 750kgs, providing the combined maximum weight does not exceed 12 tonnes, and the Maximised Authorised Mass (MAM) of the trailer does not exceed the MAM of the towing vehicle. Once you pass your C1+E licence, you will also automatically get category B+E entitlement (car and trailer licence) as well.

Advantages of this licence means you can drive any vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes and tow horse boxes, caravans, boats or motorbikes. Another common reason for taking the C1+E test is it is a common requirement for those people seeking employment in the breakdown and recovery sector.

C1+E Requirements:

To attend our LGV C1+E (any vehicle up to 7.5 tonne with a trailer towing) training courses, you must have first passed your category C1 LGV test. You must ensure that you have Category C1+E provisional entitlement on your driving licence, which you can check on the DVLA’s website. You will also need to ensure that your existing LGV Category C1 entitlement is still valid, and has not expired, as candidates over the age of 45 will need to renew their LGV medical examination every 5 years for their LGV Cat C1 Licence entitlement to remain valid.

There is no theory test requirement to obtain a C1+E licence. This is because the “+E” part of a driving entitlement simply means “and trailer over 750kg”. By adding the right to tow a trailer, you are simply extending your existing Category C1 licence (for which you would have already passed a theory test for) as opposed to obtaining a new category of licence.

How much will it cost? How many lessons do I need?

We offer one hour assessment drives £40 to help us understand your particular needs and to look at your current level of driving – a typical example is around 12 hours (including test time) this is subject to your current driving ability. Some enjoy a 2 day course with test on the second day. others prefer one days Training a week then test at a later date. 

To find out more and discuss your requirements, please give us a call or email. 


C1+E Manoeuvres With Trailer – The Distance Between Cones B And C Increases From Half A Vehicle Length To One Vehicle